Situation Gap Analysis

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This situational or gap analysis will examine current:

  • Management systems,

  • HR systems,

  • Wellness, health & Disease Management policy and procedures.

  • Wellness, health & Disease Management benefits, services and interventions

  • SANS 16001:2020 compliance.

    (Note: Only the management of Employee Wellness issues will be analysed).

This exercise will enable the consultant and the organisation to:

  1. Measure levels of preparedness and the organisations’ proactive role in dealing with wellness, health and disease management issues.

  2. Determine to a certain degree the risk profile of the company using identified susceptibilities and vulnerabilities, determinants and risks as a guideline. (This is determined by the amount and accuracy of information supplied by the client.)

  3. Make specific recommendations for the implementation of wellness, health and disease management interventions.


    • If your organisation has many companies or branches that are autonomous and each make their own policies and decisions – then each company or site should fill out a separate analysis.

    • NB – the precision of the report that you receive depends entirely upon the amount of accurate information that ETC receives.